The Himes Lab is located in the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Informatics at the University of Pennsylvania. We are a computational group whose overarching goal is to use biomedical informatics approaches to better understand complex respiratory diseases. We leverage the large volume of underutilized publicly available respiratory research data to gain insights and identify novel hypotheses based on diseased-focused integration of diverse data types. We collaborate with experts in pulmonary biology to experimentally validate our findings as well as to collect novel genome-scale datasets. We share our own data and results with others for the sake of transparency and to maximize the chances that our findings contribute to the efforts of others in the scientific community. We believe that the greatest scientific insights into complex pulmonary diseases will arise from collaborative efforts involving experts in medicine, molecular biology, and computation. Honesty and integrity of all group members and collaborators is essential to help us achieve our goal of making discoveries that improve the lives of patients with complex respiratory diseases.