This is a place where thoughts on matters that impact science and scientists, but are not science themselves, are shared. Most topics were selected in response to questions that young students and trainees have asked Blanca Himes on a regular basis, even if some feel the topics are taboo in academia.

Career Advice
Although career advice abounds on the web, at university resource and career offices, in books, and in seminars, there are recurrent questions that young students have (or answers that students need to hear, having not asked questions). While the advice listed here is not intended to be as good as, or better, than that offered anywhere else, it is a starting place that Dr. Himes can point students to.

Personal Motivation for Doing Research
Motivation is paramount to doing research (or anything else), and students often want to know why researchers chose their line of work. Some posts are dedicated to answering this question.

Dr. Himes is the mother of two young children. The first was born when she was a research fellow, and the second when she was an Instructor at Harvard Medical School. She has interacted with so many parents who are part of academia that she sometimes forgets that some students are under the impression that it is impossible to be a parent in academia (and also be happy and healthy, and/or not have one stay-at-home parent, and/or not be independently wealthy). The posts below include some of her early impressions of motherhood in the way that she would have liked to read before becoming a mother.